Our AI Customer Service assistants work around the clock to help you

1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers will get prompt responses to their queries. Any time of the day.

2. Reduce Churn

Higher risk customers issues can be addressed promptly, leading to higher retention.

3. Optimise Resources

You can now allocate your customer service resources on the critical work of addressing critical issues.

How do we do this

1. Reply

Our assistants are trained on customer service issues and desired responses. This is done using previous data. Once a fresh email comes in, our assistants determines the intent and sentiment and responds.

2. Highlight Emerging Issues

If the assistant sees new issues emerging or unusual frequency of existing issues, this is highlighted and escalated so that the operations team can resolved them before they impact more customers.


4. Appointment

If a customer is seen having a lot of issues or at a risk of leaving, then an appointment is made with a retention agent so that they can reach out and save the customer.

3. Nurture High Risk Customers

High risk customers are regularly contacted by the customer service assistant to deepen the relationship with the customers and reduce the risk of churn.

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