Sales Assistants

Our AI Sales assistants work around the clock to help you

1. Increase Sales

Our assistants keep interacting with the prospects, answering their questions. Higher engagement leads to higher sales.

2. Save Time

Your sales team now spend time on closing deals with prospects already qualified, saving significant time. 

3. Optimise Resources

You can allocate your sales resources on the critical work of closing the sales.

How do we do this

1. Engage

Our assistant will reach out to your leads. They will send out personalised emails, and follow ups.

2. Nurture

The assistant will address questions from your prospects. These are based on historical data that we have obtained from you during the training stage. If the assistant cannot answer a question, they will escalate to your team. Next time, they will be able to answer straightaway.


4. Appointment

Once the qualification is done, the assistant will set up the appointment with your sales team. They can then call up and close the deal. 

The assistant does the repetitive mundane email management, and your sales team gets to do what they love to do - make the sales.

3. Qualify

You will have various criteria to qualify prospects. The assistant will do the qualification to narrow down the prospects to quality one.

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